Liberty Managing Director Message.

Dear aspirant,

Learning is the process that starts with the first breath of your life and ends with the last breath. You will be joining us to learn how to clear the UPSC exams, but clearing the exams will be the first step towards your goal. As your decision to join public services itself is a big statement of your commitment towards the society and the state that you want to serve them.

The biggest task before you is within a year span to understand the nation and world its present problems. Those days have gone when you were just asked about issues, now with the people, even government’s expectation has risen. Now the government wants to hire such candidates who have a positive attitude and determined to solve the issues in time bound period, aspiring candidate’s such talent is tested at interview stage itself.

That is where we play a critical role in shaping and channelizing your thoughts. We at Liberty guide you how to be precise. By joining us, we will make sure that your knowledge, aptitude, and attitude towards your goal are sharpening enough for your success.


Managing Director



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